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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Insurance Lead

Insurance Lead

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Insurance - system of economic attitudes on protection of property interests of physical and legal persons at approach of the certain Insurance Lead
(insurance cases) due to money resources (insurance funds), insurance premiums formed by paid them by payment of insurance compensation. Insurance Lead

If it is established, that the contract of insurance is concluded concerning the persons having diseases from among specified in item 2 or having I-II groups of physical inability, and also at primary revealing named Insurance Lead

The same problem concerns to cars of branches and representations of the organizations. Actually in this case it is necessary to use the factor applied to the organization, to be exact, to region of its registration: the Moscow Insurance Lead
organization having branch in village, will pay for the rural transport on capital factor. Insurance Lead

The second factor considers age and the experience of the driver specified in an insurance policy, but it is applied only to insurants - physical persons (item 4 of section I of Tariffs). Insurance Lead